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All of our SEO reports ARE NOT auto-generated, like other companies. Our reports are handmade, researched and verified by a real person, and our suggestions are not some bot that just spits out the same thing every time. We personally and manually check everything, put our 30+ collective years of experience into each and every free report!

Our SEO Reports Are UNIQUE To YOU

When we do our reports, we actually check things ourselves, verify everything, and make sure the information we provide is 100% accurate!

Search Engine Ranks

One of the first things we do is check all of your search engine rankings, see what you rank for at all, and if any of your target words are ranked for you.

Content Optimization

We check your content and ensure the right and needed elements are in place, and let you know what fundamental elements need to be added.

On Page Optimization

Our experts personally go over your pages and check on-page SEO. We make sure you have all of the needed tags other SEO aspects.

Full Video Walk-Thru Report

When your personalized report is done, you will get a video walk-thru of the report, showing you on your site what was found, and missing.

Full Data Analysis

You will know EXACTLY where your visitors are coming from, how they found you, or if you have repeat visitors (that’s a good thing).

Basic SEO Strategy

In your report, you will also receive a basic strategy focused on your website only and trailered to your needs and better results. All FREE!

What’s The Catch?

This sounds great, doesn’t it? A personalized website assessment/analysis with a personalized checklist of items you can do yourself to grow your online presence. Not to mention the one-one consultation!

You’re thinking that’s got to be worth some serious money…why are we doing it for free?

You’re right! The value of what we are GIVING you is $500 and a few hours of our time.

Why Do We Do This?

The answer is very simple and we make no secret of it. The truth is that a good percentage of people use us for our services. We are identifying problems and offering solutions. You can solve your problems and make improvements yourself or you can pay us to do it. It’s worth our while to help people for free because we get plenty of paid work from it. People use our services because we display our competence and knowledge and because most people don’t have the time or expertise to do what is necessary, although they do have a desire to make their business succeed and are willing to invest in that.

Such An Amazing Service

I have done business with a lot of agencies. From Fiverr to Up Work, all I can say about E.F.B is – WOW!!! Everything they said they would deliver, they did plus some. Amazingly easy to work with, AND they all speak English as a first language.

– Ben Steward

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Let’s Do Something Better Together!

Getting the report is 100% FREE. You literally have nothing to lose at all, only information and knowledge to gain. TAKE ACTION NOW!